Two Paperdoll studio lobby
TPD Design House began as a passion, born from a creative mind, an idea fostered in the evening hours around Vanessa Kreckel’s kitchen table. A university communications designer by day, Vanessa spent her evenings creating custom invitations that were beautifully unique, telling the stories of each individual client.

In no time at all, Vanessa’s reputation as a fabulous invitation designer grew so quickly that she decided to take a leap of faith, find a studio in Wayne, PA to call home, and start her own business. Louella Court, a tiny street in Wayne, became the first home of TPD Design House.

Vanessa’s vision developed with the creation of each custom invitation, inspiring her to help her corporate clients tell their unique stories. The corporate branding practice of TPD Design House was born,  allowing companies to take advantage of the fantastic creative services of TPD Design House, both in print and on the web.

At the same time, Vanessa found additional ways to share the talents of the TPD Design House studio, such as starting a retail line bursting with artfully crafted products. From paper goods, to apparel, to fascinating letterpressed home goods, TPD Design House retail items became available online and in select shops around the country.

Now with more options than ever, individuals and businesses alike are able to enjoy the talents and artistry of TPD Design House.

Since 2000, we’ve outgrown a lot of things, like our small studio on Louella Court. Our new home is a 6,000 square foot studio, occupied by our talented team, nine antique printing presses, and a gaggle of dogs! Telling beautiful stories, however, is something we’ll never outgrow.

Two Paperdoll studio - dog and letterpress letters