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Step 1

The Characters

Who are you? Who is your audience? Tell us more about yourselves, your goals as a brand, about how you want your customers to feel and react to your brand. Getting to know your brand and your customers helps us create the perfect design to help you achieve your goals.

Step 1

The Stage

If your brand were to stand up and speak, what would it sound like? We’re here to help your brand’s tone ring loud and clear, to help draw out visual inspiration that will illustrate that tone, and to help your customer fully understand where your brand belongs in their lives.

Step 1

Compose the Story

Once we’ve come up with some visual inspiration, we develop original designs and solutions to fit your brand’s needs. Collaboration is key; we take into account your feedback and opinions. We rely on tried and true benchmarks, ensuring your new brand will thrive on its own.

Step 1

Measure + Refine

At the very beginning of this process we set goals that will make your new brand a measurable success. We track these goals throughout the entire process, follow up with your brand, and look to see if our product has delivered your brand's desired outcome.